Do it yourself divorce

Getting a divorce is never pleasant, and rarely easy. It is often the most traumatic, and most expensive experience in the two parties’ lives. Much of the expense associated with getting a divorce constitutes attorney fees. These fees can often run into thousands, or even tens of thousands, of dollars. In most cases, an attorney is a necessary evil.Read More »Do it yourself divorce

Life after Divorce

Divorce the horrible experience.  You spend quarter of your life with your parent the remaining part with your spouse. So you love them more and gave your heart and committed with them. If they want to break the contract of love, you will not able to change your mind all of a sudden.At that time you feel helpless and the situation is beyond your control.You can’t pressure them to show love on you. Because love must come from their own your pressure on them won’t give the real love. If they reject your love then there is no need of giving pressure. At that point you are pushed to be divorced.Read More »Life after Divorce

Ways to avoid divorce

Divorce a simple word which gives much pain. “Marriages are made in heaven” a wonderful saying.  Just think both marriage and divorce single words having extremely different meanings – marriage binds two hearts and divorce unbinds two hearts.

Binding is difficult but unbinding is very easy. Most of the marriages are ended sadly in divorce. Divorce is not all a good solution for the entire problem instead it escapes the people from their problems. The shocking factor is the family court is having 90% of divorce cases in total. Probably it is increasing every year. This is due to everyone thinks that divorce is the only solution for them. Every couple wants to take steps to avoid divorces.Read More »Ways to avoid divorce

Divorce and its Effects on Children

Most of the children dislike hearing the word ‘divorce’, but still most of the children around the world hear this word spoken by their parents. Some parents come right out and inform their children about divorce, if at all most children hear it whispered around the house. Also most children overhear when parents (father or mother) calls to their relatives or friends and know of it.Read More »Divorce and its Effects on Children

Child and Family Law Issues Arising From Divorce

Walking away from a marriage doesn’t allow you to walk away from your other obligations: to your former spouse, and to your children. Families are viewed as cooperative units in a legal sense – the mother and father work together to provide and raise the children. Whether that entails one person in full time paid employment and the other on childcare duties, or a rotation of both, the long lasting impacts of divorce on the family situation require special legal remedies and particular circumstantial provisions.Read More »Child and Family Law Issues Arising From Divorce

Financial Provision On Divorce

One of the most difficult elements of settling any divorce proceeding is determining who gets what from the matrimonial estate, and whether or not any ongoing provision need be made to sustain the remaining spouse or indeed any children of the marriage.

In the absence of pre-nuptial agreements, divorce is a messy business which almost certainly requires the input of divorce attorneys and the courts when it comes down to dividing the assets of the marriage. That’s why you need to be familiar from the outset with your potential financial obligations and exactly how much you could end up paying your former husband or wife.Read More »Financial Provision On Divorce

Choosing A Divorce Attorney – Asking The Right Questions

Divorce is rarely a pleasant set of circumstances, regardless of your feelings towards your former spouse. Add to that the legal mess that can arise when it comes down to who gets the dog and which CD belongs to whom, and you’ve got a recipe for absolute disaster. The unfortunate inevitability of pulling in the lawyers can also seem like a daunting prospect particularly if you’ve never had to deal with legal matters before. When you’ve lived with your spouse for a number of years the shift to legal dealings can seem a bit cold, but nevertheless it’s the best way to resolve the situation to ensure fair dealings all round.Read More »Choosing A Divorce Attorney – Asking The Right Questions