Divorce: A Man’s Perspective

Well you never thought it would come to this. It’s always someone else that ends up getting divorced – some other couple, right?. Actually, divorce is becoming a more frequent occurrence, and it’s a fact of modern life that marriage is now a less stable institution that was once the case. What this means is that as a man, whether or not you think you’ll end up getting divorced, it’s a good idea to be up to speed on how you can resolve the situation should it ever arise and what you can do to limit personal damage.Read More »Divorce: A Man’s Perspective

Choosing A Divorce Attorney – Asking The Right Questions

Divorce is rarely a pleasant set of circumstances, regardless of your feelings towards your former spouse. Add to that the legal mess that can arise when it comes down to who gets the dog and which CD belongs to whom, and you’ve got a recipe for absolute disaster. The unfortunate inevitability of pulling in the lawyers can also seem like a daunting prospect particularly if you’ve never had to deal with legal matters before. When you’ve lived with your spouse for a number of years the shift to legal dealings can seem a bit cold, but nevertheless it’s the best way to resolve the situation to ensure fair dealings all round.Read More »Choosing A Divorce Attorney – Asking The Right Questions