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Alert! These signs could mean a divorce is arriving ..soon.

Every relation is an exotic delicacy when it starts. The initial affection and the urge to impress and express takes a simple relation to a different dimension. However, as change is the only constant in life, a relationship too dives into a stream of uncertainties with time. A love that has culminated into a marriage does not always mean that it has emerged victorious. It can be very aptly said that marriage puts a love through true test and most of the times couples are not able to get a passing score. A relationship takes some amount of time to get stable and similarly, it takes a sufficient amount of time for it to deteriorate. Sometimes, the spouses unknowingly do things that push back their better halves towards the divorcing end. If you are able to pick the signs and signals, you might still do something to save your marriage or at least prepare yourself for the upcoming divorce.Read More »Alert! These signs could mean a divorce is arriving ..soon.