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Consider all the factors before ending your relationship

Life often shift us to such embarrassing situations that we fail to act wisely. We become so intoxicated with the burden and agony of that circumstance that we hardly feel that strength to walk out of it. Many of us agree that marriage is one of the beautiful relations. But how many of us work really hard to maintain the conjugal bonds. We have become impatient to bear any of the problems. We give up easily without thinking the result. Without problems and difficulties no relation can bloom, neither can stay beautiful. It is our responsibility to maintain this precious relation calmly and patiently. Before taking any decision, we need to think a lot. It is very essential to consider the pros and cons before coming into any conclusion.Read More »Consider all the factors before ending your relationship

Divorce Hassles: End of an Unhappy Marriage

Marriages are said to be made in heaven; but it is unfortunate that they are broken on earth. However, there are situations that lead to this very tragic end of a happy marriage. Naturally, one needs to think again and again, to take the decision of divorce. But, this is something that is lacking among the married couples. Often, they start thinking that divorce is the only possible way to put an end to the problems. This line of thinking has made divorce such a common phenomenon.

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How to Cope With the Divorce Stress

There are days and nights when you feel utterly alone, miserable like never before. And then there are times when you all together feel left out, neglected even in midst of your own family. You feel as if you can never return to the normal life of joy as you did before. These are the few things which one goes through when one decides to get a divorce. And still there are many who suffer alone in their own ways.Read More »How to Cope With the Divorce Stress

The End of an Affair!

How often have you wondered about the various reasons which contribute for the failure of a marriage? Experts note that two people come together in marriage, they should think beyond their individual demands and start considering themselves as couple. Most often couples do not realize that in order to stay married; they should adjust to those changes which are an inevitable part of marriage. Infidelity, in recent times has been noted as one of the main reasons for marriage break-ups and it causes great pain to partners who often cannot bear the shock of being betrayed.Read More »The End of an Affair!

Serving Your Divorce Papers

Divorce is a difficult time for any couple, with emotions running high and often an unpleasant undertone. Serving your divorce papers is often seen as a final symbolic statement of the death of the marriage, and if it hadn?t hit home until that point that your marriage has ended, the divorce papers will achieve that realisation. Thus serving divorce papers is often a traumatic, but nevertheless essential practice in bringing the marriage to its legal conclusion. But when should you serve your divorce papers, and how does the process of serving work?Read More »Serving Your Divorce Papers

Rights of Children of Divorce

Children have the right to:

1. Continue to love both parents without guilt or disapproval by either parent or other relatives.

2. Be repeatedly reassured that the divorce is not their fault.

3. Be reassured they are safe and their needs will be provided for.

4. Have a special place for their own belongings at both parent’s residences.

5. Visit both parents regardless of what the adults in the situation feel, and regardless of convenience, or money situations.Read More »Rights of Children of Divorce

Child and Family Law Issues Arising From Divorce

Walking away from a marriage doesn’t allow you to walk away from your other obligations: to your former spouse, and to your children. Families are viewed as cooperative units in a legal sense – the mother and father work together to provide and raise the children. Whether that entails one person in full time paid employment and the other on childcare duties, or a rotation of both, the long lasting impacts of divorce on the family situation require special legal remedies and particular circumstantial provisions.Read More »Child and Family Law Issues Arising From Divorce

Financial Provision On Divorce

One of the most difficult elements of settling any divorce proceeding is determining who gets what from the matrimonial estate, and whether or not any ongoing provision need be made to sustain the remaining spouse or indeed any children of the marriage.

In the absence of pre-nuptial agreements, divorce is a messy business which almost certainly requires the input of divorce attorneys and the courts when it comes down to dividing the assets of the marriage. That’s why you need to be familiar from the outset with your potential financial obligations and exactly how much you could end up paying your former husband or wife.Read More »Financial Provision On Divorce

Divorce: A Man’s Perspective

Well you never thought it would come to this. It’s always someone else that ends up getting divorced – some other couple, right?. Actually, divorce is becoming a more frequent occurrence, and it’s a fact of modern life that marriage is now a less stable institution that was once the case. What this means is that as a man, whether or not you think you’ll end up getting divorced, it’s a good idea to be up to speed on how you can resolve the situation should it ever arise and what you can do to limit personal damage.Read More »Divorce: A Man’s Perspective